What is the age people are legally required to stop driving

What is the age people are legally required to stop driving

A: There’s no age limit in Washington.

There are steps you can take to try to get someone’s license revoked if you think he or she is not safe unsafe. But taking a driver’s license away won’t always stop someone from driving.

People can also write a letter to the Department of Licensing Driver Records section at PO Box 9030, Olympia, WA. 98507 9030. Include the driver’s name, medical and visual observations.

Secondhand information or anonymous letters aren’t accepted.

Here’s the catch: State law allows a person to find out who sent the letter about his or her unsafe driving, fake drivers license so your letter won’t be confidential. Though it may cause a family argument, officials say safety should be paramount.

After the driver records section gets a request, workers evaluate it to determine the next step, spokeswoman Selena Davis said. In many cases, fake ids a medical or vision certificate will be sent to the driver asking for more information from a physician or eye care practitioner.

“We reserve the right to retest them at any time for any reason,” Davis said of the written and driving tests. “But we do not do random testing.”

Depending on the skill level demonstrated by the driver, the Department of lLcensing may require equipment to accommodate impairments, she said. If the driver is determined to be a threat to public safety, fake id a driver’s license can be canceled.

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