says one of the teens who posted fake New Dorp ‘school shooting’ photo

says one of the teens who posted fake New Dorp ‘school shooting’ photo

New Dorp High School students Francesco Castrogiovanni, top, and Juan Cruz exit Stapleton Criminal Court after they were charged with posting a school shooting threat on social media. Monday December 22, 2014. They thought it would be funny.

That’s what one of the teens who impersonated a classmate at New Dorp High School on Instagram said about why they posted a photo alluding to a possible school shooting, according to police.

According to a complaint filed in criminal court, the teens admitted to the post which put New Dorp High School on high alert over the weekend and spurred several parents to keep their children home.

The victim’s name is being withheld by the Advance.

Cruz told police that he created the fake account months ago, and Castrogiovanni created the photo post. “My friends and I thought it would be funny if he used that Instagram to post it so I gave Francesco the password and he direct messaged it to a bunch of people,” he allegedly told police.

“I created that username and password and got the picture from his open Facebook. We thought it would be funny and didn’t realize the consequences. I realize it was a stupid thing to and I feel extremely sorry for what [the victim] had to go through,” Cruz told police, according to the complaint.

Castrogiovanni said he received the photo “in a group chat,” according to the complaint.

“When I received the picture I was convinced to post it without much thought put into it. I did not know [the victim] personally,” Castrogiovanni said, fake identity websites according to the criminal complaint. they’ll all see.”

The two teens have been suspended from New Dorp High School, school officials said, though it’s not clear for how long.

Both teens were arraigned Monday in Stapleton Criminal Court and released on their own recognizance. They are due back in court on Feb.

Judge Alan J. Meyer told the duo, “Do not look at, smile at, talk to or interact with [him],” then asked, “You understand?”

Both nodded and said, “Yes, your honor.”

When contacted at home, Cruz’s mother, fake id reddit Mary, declined comment on the case, except to say, “I’m so sad that this happened. I’m so sorry for this family.”

Castrogiovanni’s family declined comment Monday.

Said his lawyer, Mark J. Fonte, “He is computer savvy and thought he was committing a harmless prank. He did not realize the consequences of his actions.”

The victim’s father on Monday praised how the police and the 122nd Precinct’s detective squad handled the case.

“Once they determined it wasn’t him, their concern was more for my son’s well being and for his state of mind than anything else . and the same thing holds true for the school community at New Dorp,” he said. “Nobody jumped to any type of conclusions. Everybody worked diligently. Everybody worked with facts and not with conjecture.”

As for the suspects, the victim’s father said, “They deserve what’s coming to them. This is totally, totally malicious, and I can’t understand why anybody would do anything like this to anybody, fake id much less my son.

“This is a good kid who has always taken the right path, who has never done anything wrong his entire life,” he said. “It’s mindboggling, is what it is. . This was something that was thought out over time, more methodical, and that’s what’s more frightening than anything.”

The school remained open Monday, though several parents have stated in Facebook comments that they’d be keeping their children home until the matter is sorted out.

The scene outside the school seemed calm Monday morning, though police had stepped up security.

“We’re still going to have security, because the staff and the students and the parents will feel more secure with that,” said New Dorp principal Deirdre DeAngelis. “The counselors will still be available, because we still have kids who are legitimately concerned and upset about this, how could fellow classmates do this . and how could they actually do something that would put parents and students and staff into a panic.”

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