Idaho police repay bar for business lost from burlesque sting

Idaho police repay bar for business lost from burlesque sting

The Intersection BBQ Bar Grill, which serves lunch and dinner seven days a week, is popular with locals and visitors in the town of 500 is the only local venue for live music and performances. It was hit with a $5,000 fine and a 15 day suspension of its liquor license in August 2015. Its ticketed dinner show with a special burlesque performance drew two undercover ISP detectives, fake id reddit among the sold out crowd of 80, checking for compliance with an Idaho law that’s since been held unconstitutional and changed.

This year, the Idaho Legislature changed that portion of the law as well. Idaho law still bans nudity and explicit live performances at strip clubs and other adult entertainment venues that are licensed to serve liquor. But there’s now an exemption in the law for “any theatrical or artistic performance which, when considered as a whole and in the context that it is used, fake ids expresses matters of serious literary, artistic, scientific or political value.” The exemption also requires the performance to be held at a theater, concert hall, fake id art center, museum, event center or other location that’s not mainly in the business of explicit live adult entertainment.

Col. Ralph Powell, ISP director, said in an emailed statement: “We at Idaho State Police are pleased to see this chapter placed behind us and to see that our Legislature has brought the Idaho Code into alignment with our federal Constitution. Our role as a law enforcement agency is to uphold the laws that are on the books. Moving forward, we’ll work to fairly and aggressively enforce the amended law. And as stewards of our public funds, we want to avoid these types of expenditures in the future.”

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