Canadians reportedly listed in trove of Islamic State ID files

Canadians reportedly listed in trove of Islamic State ID files

are not in a position to offer any information on this subject, an RCMP spokesman said from Ottawa.

Some Canadians who have joined Islamic State have gained widespread publicity. One of them, for example, novelty id was Damian Clairmont, 22, of Calgary, fake drivers license template a convert to Islam who was killed in early 2014. and Canada.

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According to Sky News, the files were on a memory stick stolen from the head of Islamic State internal security police by a disillusioned former Free Syrian Army who calls himself Abu Hamed.

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The documents, a 23 question form, best fake id sites are apparently required before recruits are inducted into the terror group that is most active in Syria and Iraq.

German media reported that the questionnaire asked would be recruits about any previous experience they had in jihad and whether they were prepared to be suicide bombers.

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A spokesman for Germany federal police said Thursday they were in possession of files containing personal data on members of the extremist Islamic State and believe them to be authentic.

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